Faculty and Staff Giving Campaigns: Effective Messaging Tips

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As most annual fund directors will tell you, effective faculty and staff giving campaigns can be a key to increasing overall advancement support. Universities and colleges where faculty and staff regularly give can leverage their success to increase giving from other key stakeholders, such as parents, alumni and students. This in turn builds campus support and allows the college to grow and develop. However, it can be difficult to overcome the objections from faculty and staff when they resist giving. Higher Ed Hero presents these three messaging tips to help you overcome those objections.

Inspires Others to Give

Statistics support the theory that donors, alumni and other campus supporters are more likely to give when faculty and staff are giving. Faculty and staff giving demonstrates a culture of philanthropy, which in turn proves to donors that their gifts are part of an overall effort to improve the campus. Additionally, high faculty and staff participation proves that the institution’s employees are passionate about the campus and its students. With increased donor confidence comes improved relationships with the university. As those relationships grow, advancement officers have a better chance of moving donors into major gifts. Faculty and staff giving campaigns, then, become a vital part of growing the annual fund.

Helps Your Department and Your Students

You can really personalize the appeal by choosing to promote giving opportunities specific to a given department or college. Department improvements ultimately lead to improved resources for students. Additionally, scholarship dollars can often be designated to support specific segments of students that interact more frequently with the faculty and staff in a given unit. Focusing on how giving positively impacts the students your faculty and staff deal with on a daily basis will make the campaign valuable to them. In this way, giving back to the university will empower your faculty and staff to be more effective in their jobs. Bringing the campaign back to how giving will positively impact the giver helps to overcome objections.

An Investment in the Future

In addition to improvements in a given department, faculty and staff giving campaigns will ultimately improve regional and national prestige. As money from faculty and staff improves departments and inspires others to give, the university as a whole is able to improve. Being able to speak to a high participation rate from faculty and staff can make the university more appealing to potential students and parents. If employees believe in the mission of their institution, it makes that university stand out in the minds of potential stakeholders. This ripple effect will come back to the faculty and staff as more money gets invested in the university and more students paying tuition will lead to increased salaries. While it’s not a direct impact, this is the goal of university in the long run. Give a little now, and get a lot more back down the road.

Growing the annual fund can be a challenge. But effective campaigns, like faculty and staff giving, makes the task easier, especially when you can build off the success of one campaign to improve another. Higher Ed Hero hopes you found these faculty and staff giving campaign tips useful. If you’re looking for more in-depth and hands-on information on revitalizing faculty and staff campaigns, join us for our upcoming webinar: “No More Excuses: Overcoming Faculty & Staff Giving Objections” on Thursday, April 10 where Marquette University Senior Engagement officer, Taylor Schult, will provide  you with real-world, actionable strategies to revitalize your campaign.

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